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Crystal Clear Windows: Let Your Home Shine with Professional Window Cleaning Services!


During the 1990’s water fed poles (WFP) and pure water technology was introduced to the UK having been developed in the US. Long reach poles that typically extend to around 40 ft. but can go much higher have purified water pumped through them onto the glass. A brush on the end of the pole scrubs the window clean as pure water washes dirt away and also cleans frames and ledges. WFP is operated only from the ground.

Purified water has had all its natural impurities removed. As a result, it dries to a crystal clear finish and is ideal for window and conservatory cleaning.

Advantages of WFP include:

No film is left on glass so windows stay cleaner for longer pure water ensures a clear, streak-free finish no ladders required protecting your privacy upstairs bedrooms safer for operators ability to reach higher windows and previously inaccessible windows above conservatories.

"Owen has done a cracking job on our windows and also cleared our gutters (which were overflowing with vegetation!). Great service, good price and a fabulous job completed each time he is here. I highly recommend him"

Andy Howe


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